Focusing on the intersections of disability, fatness, sex work, accessibility, and other social justice issues.


Katie Tastrom, MSW, Esq.

I am an attorney, writer, activist, consultant, sex worker, and artist. I focus extensively on disability and making activism accessible for disabled people. I am also an attorney and member of the New York State Bar since 2016, and have worked in disability law and I prioritize issues related to disability.

I have spent the last two decades working in social justice movements and have a sharp analysis of issues of power and oppression. Iā€™m also experienced with strategic aspects of organizing from on the ground actions to writing bylaws. I received my Master of Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin with a concentration in non-profit administration and policy in 2007.

I am a prolific writer and write constantly about disability, accessibility, sex work, polyamory, and other aspects of my lived experience. My work has appeared on countless national websites and selected writing can be found here.

Picture of pale round faced woman with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a lacy tank top and sitting on a bed.